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Four healthy women smile after enjoying their incredibly successful and helpful skin rejuvenation visits to m.pulse Modern Skincare medical spa in Denver, Colorado and Dallas, Texas.


April O. – Denver, CO

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this place!!! I cannot say it enough! Alex is the best out there, I went in for a consultation for hair removal and was very pleased with the kind, warm nature of the place. I tell all my friends and co-workers about the m.pulse. I am a weekly customer for facials, my skin thanks me every time i walk out of there. The pumpkin enzyme is amazing, and so knowledgeable about skin and moisturizers, which is perfect in this dry Colorado weather.  Perfect way to end the day! The hair removal is awesome also, Alex makes sure that you will have no adverse reactions to the treatment before she continues. Every time I  call to adjust my appt they are more than happy to help me. I feel like a good friend is waiting for me whenever I walk in.  I talk about this place all the time, it is my favorite place in all of Denver. Absolutely perfect!

Rada Relic – Toronto, Canada

“On a recent trip to Denver I was introduced to m.pulse. I was instantly intrigued by it! The center is bright and beautiful, the staff is friendly and extremely knowledgeable and the prices are so affordable! I was able to do a vein treatment and am very happy with the results. I only had one treatment and there is a noticeable difference. Necia the Luminologist was absolutely wonderful. She made me feel comfortable, she very thoroughly explained the treatment and was so pleasant to talk to. The treatment for me was painless! I was able to get the entire beauty line and I LOVE it! My skin looks and feels beautiful! I have been highly recommending m.pulse to everyone I know and hope some centers open up in Canada in the near future! Thank you m.pulse!

Matt Rauzi – Denver, CO

This process was done professionally, quickly, painlessly and far exceeded my expectations. I will recommend m.pulse to all of my friends, family and clients and members at my gym. Thank you.

Susan Wazzan – Broomfield, CO

At first I wasn’t certain that I wanted to try m.pulse. I was very pleasantly surprised. I am partially through the 6 treatments and am already noticing a marked difference in my skin. They are very knowledgeable, made me comfortable and were very willing to explain what the procedure entailed and what to expect between visits.

Lindsey Sadler – Denver, CO

I have done one hair removal treatment so far and cannot believe the results. I have half as much hair as I did prior to starting m.pulse. They have been wonderful and very informative. Couldn’t have asked for anything or anyone better!

Stacey Stambaugh – Denver, Co

m.pulse did a wonderful job, was a little nervous because I have never had this done before. Now that I had it done, I am addicted! Very excited for my next treatment!

Callie Greenberg – Denver, CO

When I heard about m.pulse I was hesitant because I had heard of how painful hair removal can be. Well, I was shocked at how amazing m.pulse was. I had no pain, it was quick and easy and IT WORKED! I was 100% satisfied with my procedure and would highly recommend this to anyone.

Vincent Caruso – Westminster, CO

I would recommend this treatment to anyone who is considering having hair removal. It is pain-free, you get great results and on top of it all, you have the best team explaining to you how it works. They are great and always make sure you are getting what you want.

Devin Tobin – Denver, CO

m.pulse was excellent! They informed me of the process and provided me with adequate information to feel safe and comfortable about the treatment. I had zero negative reactions to the session and am looking forward to seeing the overall results!

Carlee Steck – Denver, CO

I highly recommend m.pulse. After a few treatments I noticed a major difference in my hair growth. The treatment was relatively painless and totally worth it. It is so amazing to not have to shave or deal with unwanted hair!

Terra Saunders – Denver, CO

I have never experienced a treatment like this before. I expected it to be uncomfortable and painful but neither was a factor. They were very professional and I was very comfortable. I am a tanned skin person and after used their tanned skin treatment for hair removal and after 1 treatment saw results! This painless experience was amazing and within a month I shaved only once.

Christine L. – Denver, CO

I received a hair removal treatment for my arms…and it was virtually painless. It has been a week and a half since my first treatment and I can already see a difference. My hair is growing back very slowly in patches and appears to be thinner

Sheryl Stambaugh – Englewood, CO

I heard about m.pulse through a friend. Of course the procedure and products were too good to be true, however my girlfriends results were fantastic. Today was my first skin rejuvenation treatment. There was no pain and my skin is already glowing and I could feel tightness, which is a great thing. I have a few more treatments to go and I wish I did not have to wait 21 days. I am so excited to know that my sunspots will disappear without any downtime.

Diane Phillips – Centennial, CO

The quality of my treatment was wonderful. The technician was confident and made me feel really at ease. She explained the procedure clearly and was very professional. I was very pleased with the results!

Samantha B. – Denver, CO

Very knowledgeable staff, very convenient location and beautiful spa-like interiors. Chloe took the time to assess my skin’s needs before the service. I felt relaxed and comfortable during the service. Their line of skin care products are top-notch as well!

Jessica S. – Highlands Ranch, CO

Thank you again for the opportunity to experience m-Pulse. I had a Deep Pore Cleansing Treatment facial with Suzanne at your Lone Tree location. The location itself was beautiful. Clean, great color scheme, etc.

Suzanne was terrific. Spoke clearly, didn’t rush me and I could tell she was sincerely paying attention to what I said about my skin. Throughout the facial, she was thorough when explaining what she was doing and why. She was well versed on the products and almost positioned them to me in a way that I would be buying them, without actually telling me to buy them. In other words, she’s great in sales and wasn’t pushy. I’m also pregnant again (surprise!!) so I was initially worried about the smells of the products being too potent. They weren’t at all, and I ended up buying most of what she put on me.

Prepping for the treatment was also pretty thorough. I got confirmation emails almost instantly after booking, with detailed information about what to expect; then received another the day before the treatment. The room I was in was nice, dim with great calming music. I personally appreciated having a single locker to myself, versus one master bathroom with a series of them. 

I completely intend to go back to Suzanne because my skin’s been amazing and I sincerely enjoyed her. I can’t wait to try a chemical peel or microderm abrasion after baby number two is here.

Thank you again for the experience!

Stacey Hauhuth – Denver, CO

I have been receiving Laser Hair Removal Treatments from Brianna for the last few months and can’t say how happy I am with the level of service that I have received and the results of the treatments.

Lilly N. – Dallas, TX

I came in on a Saturday morning to see what m.pulse was all about by trying a brightening peel and to get more information on IPL treatments. I was quickly hooked. The location is spotless and welcoming like a spa while also being professional and sterile which is always important to me with any place offering services more advanced than just common facials and massages. And m.pulse is advanced, with a large variety of peels, photo facial, and hair reduction treatments to choose from.

My luminologist Kassi took time with me to make sure all of my questions were answered and my treatment plan matched my needs, desired results and even the genetic characteristics of my skin. My peel was the best I’ve ever received, with very minimal recovery time thanks to the cooling mask that Kassi used after the peel.

I brought home their house line of products to try (all of which are paraben free, GMO free and vegan) and they work great on my sensitive skin. I am so happy this location is open and will be in all the time, next for a photofacial series, and have already passed off my referral cards to my friends!

Patty A. – Littleton, CO.

I am so pleased and excited about my new experience with m.pulse and the products they carry. I just recently came in to receive a facial and was introduced to the Anti-Aging System along with the A.G.E. Eye Complex and Resveratrol BE from the SkinCeuticals product line.

I purchased the products and was amazed to see immediate results within only two days of applying these products. I couldn’t be happier! I have been seeking the right system to reduce fine lines and wrinkles on my face for many years and have spent a small fortune in the search. I have used at least twelve ‘top of the line’ reduce-wrinkle facial systems that were good products but did not give the results that I was looking and hoping to receive.

So I was amazed when this product line delivered results after only a very short time. I am continuing with these products and I highly recommend the well trained and friendly staff of the m.pulse modern skin treatment company.